Choosing a good fitness gears are very essential to having a great workout. Comfort, style, budget friendly – all of these factors must be kept in mind when shopping for workout outfits.

When it comes to learning about how to choose the best fitness gear for the gym, functionality should be one’s top priority, regardless of whether you’re a woman, or a man. Nevertheless, style ought to be a close second, because even if you’re not looking to hook up with hot girls or buffed up men, your appearance should always be considered when in public in order to maintain your reputation as a well-dressed person.

Understandably, dressing for any occasion/place can be overwhelming, but not all of them require as much thinking as picking an appropriate workout outfit. Here is a guide as to what you should and shouldn’t pick and why:

1. TOPS – Generally, people like to wear as few clothes as possible in the gym in order to stay cool during the workout. However, covering up actually provides you with great benefits during workout session. Wearing a hoodie or sweatshirt during your workout will help keep your muscles, joints and ligaments warm, thus improving the circulation and reducing the risk of strains, tears and injuries of other kind. Additionally, the extra sweating will also help to burn calories and reduce water weight! We recommend you to look for something made of moisture-wicking material, which should keep you warm and dry at the same time, and it should also be simple enough to help you look effortlessly good at the gym. If the idea of including a sweater in your workout clothes doesn’t appeal you, you may otherwise stick with basic T-shirts made of plain old cotton or a material that keeps you dry by keeping moisture away from your skin. Let’s not forget the importance of looking fit – you obviously don’t want your shirt to be so loose that it will get in the way when you’re lifting weights, on the other hand, a skin-tight tee will make you look like you’re trying too hard, even if you have a killer body.

2. BOTTOMS – When picking the bottoms you’re going to be donning when going to the gym, keep in mind that what you wear on your bottom half should be both efficient and stylish. Whether you pick athletic pants or shorts, length is a key element to dressing for the gym. Shorts must not be longer than a few inches below the knee, whereas short-shorts are a definite NO. Moreover, if you choose pants for the gym, make certain they reach your ankles. If they go too long, there is a fair chance you will trip on them when running on the treadmill. Too short, and you’ll look like you’re wearing capris, which, of course, is not a good look in the gym for any guy. Both shorts and pants should be loose enough to permit a full range of movement but should never be baggy. Tight spandex shorts or pants are for runners and bicyclists and not the gym. Elastic waistbands will ensure that everything stays in place while you’re doing squats or lunges.

Fitness Gears

3. SHOES AND SOCKS – Everyone knows that athletic shoes are your only option for the gym in terms of performance and appearance. If one chooses to wear sandals, loafers or dress shoes, etc. – they will surely make you stand out — but not in a good sense.

4. HEADGEAR – If you choose to wear headgear, you ought to just and only go for a simple beanie or skullcap; brimmed hats will get in the way and are difficult to keep clean. A simple rule – you should be able to throw the “hat” you wear at the gym in the wash with the rest of your gym wear!

5. GLOVES – Not every guy likes to wear gloves to the gym; but their girlfriends could only wish for hands as soft and nice to touch as yours. In addition to their functionality, weight-lifting gloves also look great and give the impression that you take your workout to be serious business. The fitness gear brand like Nike, Harbinger and Everlast are your go-to places for such gear. Pick the right pair.

6. Others – Health and fitness experts suggest employing all sorts of fitness gear in order to execute your workout efficiently. Technology has made things even easier and better; there are no so many options in the market to choose from. Health monitors, Samsung Gear fit, Pedometers etc. are some investments that you’ll never regret.

To cut short, when choosing fitness gear to best fit your needs, functionality is the main component. If it is functional, and it looks good, it is your best bet. Always remember, health & fitness is important in a person’s life.