Crossfit is a strength and conditioning program consisting mainly of a mix of aerobic exercise, calisthenics and Olympic weight lifting.

How to Choose a Crossfit Gym?

There are many Crossfit gyms that are popping up in any parts of the world. And because of that, consumers have a lot of more choices. How do we choose Crossfit gym? Below are some tips that we should put in our mind before deciding to join in a Crossfit gym:

1. Check the layout/appearance of the gym. It is important to check out the appearance of the gym. The things should be neatly organized. The place should be clean especially the floors. There should be a restroom. There should be a safe place where in you can leave your things without any fear that it might be stolen. The bottom line is choose a Crossfit gym where in you feel safe and comfortable.

2. Check the equipment. The equipment should be clean and well-organized. Well-organized means that you can find everything easily. Equipment should be enough that everyone in the gym can use and doesn’t have to wait long in order for them to use the equipment. If you see a gym that takes good care of their equipment, you’re more likely to think that they will also take good care of you.

3. Cleanliness all over the place. The place should be very clean. The floors, the bars, the kettlebells for chalk remnants, the boards and the restroom.

4. Make sure that the gym has one class structure. Every Crossfit gym has a different class structure. There are some Crossfit gym that have a regular class structure that allows for some expectations and flows of events that is helpful for the learning process and for the community.

5. Check out Coach’s Resume. It is also important to do a background check of the coaches at any Crossfit gym you are considering. Do some research about the things they do outside Crossfit. Do they have any certifications? Are they athletes? Did they also do Crossfit to transform their lives? Find out these things. It will help you decide before joining a Crossfit gym.

6. Actual Coaching. What kind of coaching will you receive once you joined? Can you approach the coaches even if you’re outside the gym? Are they able to coach beginners and advanced students? Do they have good communication and teaching skills? Is there a nutrition and lifestyle coaching?

7. Community. The very reason why we want to join Crossfit gym is that the experience of training alone is different from training with other gym members. Check out if the team members a nice people. See if there are people who are at or above the fitness level you desire. Are the people in the community that drives you? Or do you feel a sense of competition? Also know the culture of the gym. Make sure that the members interact with each other nicely like saying hello to new members, helping members who doesn’t know how to use the equipment, cheering for each other, etc.

If all the things listed above is present in the Crossfit gym you’re considering then you’re good to go.

Tips in Purchasing Gym Equipment

When starting or opening a gym, it is important to know the space limitation or size of the non-equipment areas, restrooms, lobbies, utility rooms and other extra features. Once you already know, you can already think or decide the equipment to buy. In buying equipment, there are also tips that you should consider:

1. Figure out first how much are you will to spend for the equipment.

2. Packages deals aren’t always the best. It is because there are some package deals that doesn’t offer what you really need.

3. Purchase equipment from companies with great reviews. There are many companies now that are offering low package deals. But you have to choose wisely. Make sure that the price matches the quality of the equipment.

4. Purchase from companies who offer more.

5. Buy only the equipment that you need. Don’t buy equipment that can’t be used because it will be useless. It can also consume some spaces.

6. Ditch the lease.

List of Gym Equipment

1. Squat Station
2. Barbells
3. Bench Press
4. Incline Bench Press
5. Hammer Strength Machine
6. Cables and Pulleys
7. Dumb Bells
8. Pull Up Bar
9. Lat Pull Down Machine
10. Leg Extension Machine
11. Leg Curl Machine
12. Hyper Extension Bench
13. Dipping Bars
14. Smith Machine
15. Preacher Bench
16. Abdominal Bench
17. Leg Press Machine
18. Hack Squat Machine
19. Calf Machines
20. Leg Adduction/Abduction Machine
21. Pec Deck Machine
22. Kettle Bells
23. Wall Ball
24. Foam Roller
25. Stability Ball

Just a reminder, it is not necessary that you will buy all these gym equipment. It’s still up to you which one of them you want to put in your Crossfit gym.